Aaron Rodgers wins Packers dodgeball championship

Aaron Rodgers is a dodgeball champion. (Packers.com)
Aaron Rodgers took down receiver James Jones for the Packers' dodgeball championship. (Packers.com)

It's June, baby. And that means stories that will guarantee a minimum of 300 "Slow News Day!??!" comments. Like, for instance, the very important story about Aaron Rodgers taking down James Jones in the Packers dodgeball championship.

OK, the real story is that Rodgers is a DodgeBall junkie and after he won the title, he told Packers.com's Mike Spofford that he and Patches O'Houlihan are boys.

"I've watched DodgeBall many times, and I've followed the five D's in dodgeball -- dodge, duck, dip, dive and, of course, dodge," he said. "Patches O'Houlihan and I are good buddies."

That's a man who knows his craft, people. And Rodgers is apparently a pretty good drafter too -- he nabbed Randall Cobb with an early round pick but also scored apparent late-round studs like Matt Brown and Lane Taylor later in the dodgeball draft and he says it propelled his team to victory.

"It's not always about the first picks," Rodgers said. "It's sometimes about the late-round guys that come through for you, and they did."

Taylor and Rodgers were the last two guys on the floor for Team Rodgers, when wideout Jordy Nelson -- on the court with Jones as the final pairing for their team -- lobbed a softball Rodgers' way that he caught easily.

"I blew it," Nelson said afterward.

Rodgers brought back Cobb and the trio took down Jones for the victory.

The lesson, besides the fact that it's June in the NFL? All Aaron Rodgers does is win. Also, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

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