Adam Gase says he's 'fed up' and 'done compromising' with unprepared Dolphins

There isn't necessarily just one problem the Miami Dolphins need to address after their embarrassing 40-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.

Head coach Adam Gase made that clear in a tangent of a press conference on Friday, where he addressed a litany of issues with the Dolphins and repeatedly remarked how "fed up" he is with his team, according to Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post.

Even without injured starting quarterback Jay Cutler on Thursday, losing by 40 was a clear indication to Gase that Miami was not prepared to play against Baltimore. But the coach also suggested that this week was just the latest example of his players refusing to "put forth effort" before taking the field.

"Two years," he said when asked how long he's been dealing with Dolphins who don't study enough, per Habib. "I've been addressing this for a while, so I'm kind of fed up."

Ill-prepared players weren't the only ones to elicit the wrath of Gase at Friday's conference, either. In between the coach's promise that he's "done compromising with anybody," hints that the team has "too many guys who don't want to take (studying) home with them" and a classification of Miami's offense as an outright "joke," the second-year coach threw some not-so-subtle shade at starting running back Jay Ajayi and the rest of the backfield.

"We've got to stop trying to hit home runs all the time," he said when asked about the Dolphins' ground game, per Habib. "It's on the running back. Do your job. It's not hard to do."

Later, when addressing the offensive line, Gase returned his attention to the running back spot.

"To me it comes down to more than just offensive line," he said. "Majority of the time, the line knows where to go and what to do. Running backs, we never blocked the right guy."

The Dolphins (4-3) return to the field on Nov. 5 with a matchup against the Oakland Raiders.

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