Adam Jones turns himself in on assault charge after bar incident

Adam Jones tweeted that he was arrested on Monday. (USATSI)
Adam Jones tweeted that he was arrested on Monday. (USATSI)

Adam Jones was the poster boy for many years for bad off-field behavior by professional athletes. But after leaving the Titans (who drafted him in the first round) and landing with the Bengals, he's turned his career around in impressive fashion.

That's why it was so strange to see the cornerback formerly known as Pacman tweet out Monday morning that he was "arrested for protecting myself."

So what happened, exactly? Well, there was an incident at a bar in Cincinnati, and the city's prosecutor confirmed to the Cincinnati Enquirer Jones was charged with assault on a female patron in the bar.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk spoke with Pacman's agent Peter Schaffer who said Jones was involved in an incident at a bar Thursday night following the Cincinnati Reds game.

Per Schaffer, a pair of women -- who Jones says appeared intoxicated -- came up to the cornerback, asked to take his picture and, when Jones declined, threw a beer bottle at him from close range, striking him in the head.

Jones reacted by turning around, slapping the woman who threw the bottle and yelling "What are your doing? Stop it!"

Apparently the plan was for Jones to turn himself in to police on Monday -- hence the timing of his tweet. Schafer told Florio that there are multiple witnesses who can confirm Jones' side of the story but that police have declined to interview them.

"If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they would have investigated it,” Schaffer said.  “If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn’t have arrested him.”

Look, if you want someone to stereotype for bad behavior, it's Jones. And you can almost guarantee that the league office will cast a wary glance -- or two -- in his direction for this latest dust-up.

But if Pacman's side of the story is indeed accurate and he is indeed not in the wrong, it's a story that deserves to be told. Just because he's been in trouble before doesn't mean the police should automatically assume he was in the wrong this time around.

But via ESPN 1530's Artrell Hawkins, a former Bengals cornerback, here's the security cam video from that night. The argument begins at about the 49 second mark.

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