Each year before the NFL Combine, the folks at Adidas get creative by offering up some spicy prizes for young men to run really fast. In previous years, Adidas has offered a sizable sum of money for the fastest player at each position wearing Adidas cleats. This year, they’re taking it to an entirely different level, offering to purchase an ISLAND for any prospect who breaks the record for fastest official 40-yard dash time.

Former East Carolina running back Chris Johnson, who went on to star with the Titans and later with the Cardinals (but not really with the Jets), currently owns the record for fastest 40 time at 4.24 seconds. 

Now, if one of the speedsters at the combine wants to really make a run at Johnson’s record, they can agree to wear the 2017 adizero 5-Star 40 cleats, suit up and run really fast. 

Let’s answer some of your questions about this hypothetical island.

Do I have to wear Adidas cleats?

Yes, dummy. Adidas isn’t giving out islands without getting publicity. You probably have to wear the cleats you see above, which appear to have cheetah stripes/spots on them. They’re pretty cool.

How big is the island?

Well, that’s still up for debate. But the island can’t be worth more than $1,000,000 according to the rules and conditions of the contest. So you’re stuck on size there a bit. 

Do I get to pick the island?

Nope! Adidas picks the island. Which is fine I guess, because, you know, it’s still an island. The phrase “island of their choosing” is kind of awesome though. 

How fast do I need to run?

You need to break CJ2K’s record of 4.24 seconds, so you need to run a 4.23 40. Godspeed.

Can I lose the island by doing something stupid?

Yes. If “Athlete fails (for any reason) to exclusively wear adidas football footwear and glove products during the 2017-2018 NFL football season” he’s not getting the island. 

Get the rest of the terms and eligibility requirements at Adidas.com (don’t point to me when you break the record and aren’t eligible to win the island).