Adrian Peterson: "I've got my bar set for 2,500' rushing yards in 2013

In 2012, Adrian Peterson had one of the more amazing seasons in the history of the NFL. He nearly broke Eric Dickerson's rushing record despite coming off an ACL injury he suffered late in 2011.

And yet ... he wants to do more. Specifically, he's looking at the 2,500-yard marker. No, really.

"It's not something I'm going to focus on early," Peterson told SI's Maggie Gray when asked about trying to break Dickerson's record in 2013. "I'm going to let the chips fall where they may. I've got my bar set for 2,500 [rushing yards]. If I get close to that, the record's shattered.

Naturally, a rushing title isn't AP's biggest concern. He's more worried about team success than anything else.

"But, ultimately, I want a couple rings," Peterson continued. "We've got to start at one, and we need to get that one this year."

What's more likely: AP rushing for 2,500 yards or the Vikings winning the Super Bowl? I'd say both are really, really unlikely, but it's obviously the former for me.

And here's a better question. If you had to bet your life on whether Peterson would or would not rush for 2,500 yards, what would you bet on? The smart statistical answer is you bet that he will not run for 2,500 yards. It's impossibly difficult to pull off -- Peterson would need to average 156.25 rushing yards per game over a full season in order to hit 2,500 yards.

But do you really want to bet against Peterson at this point? I sure don't. Which means that we're allowed to be skeptical about 2,500 happening but we definitely shouldn't rule it out as a possibility.

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