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Adrian Peterson, recently cast aside by the Minnesota Vikings, is still on the open market. Recent reports have indicated that Peterson is simply asking for too much money on his next contract (approximately $8 million in the first season), leading teams to stay away. 

Friday evening, Peterson responded to those reports with an Instagram message that he later posted to Twitter. 

“You can’t believe everything you read or hear, people,” Peterson wrote. “The last thing I’m worried about is playing ball this coming season... that will happen! It’s not all about the money as everyone is speculating here lately.”

Instead, Peterson said, he just wants to win. “Here is something straight from the horse’s mouth... finding the best fit and helping a team in a major way win a championship is my main objective! I’m in no rush. Let me eliminate questions or speculation as to why ... I believe wholeheartedly my God will land me right where I need to be to accomplish what I’ve asked from him. Period.”

Peterson, who is entering his age-32 season and coming off an injury-plagued season during which he averaged a career-low 1.9 yards per carry, can likely still help teams as the early-down half of a time share, but the list of contenders looking for that type of player is pretty short. 

Peterson has been mentioned in connection with with the Raiders, but they seem more interested in Marshawn Lynch. He visited Seattle to meet with the Seahawks, but they decided to sign Eddie Lacy instead. The Packers might be interested in a complement to Ty Montgomery, but only at their price.

After that, you’re talking about teams that are mostly set at running back. The Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliott. The Steelers have Le’Veon Bell. The Patriots have like eight running backs. The Chiefs cut Jamaal Charles because they have two other backs they’re comfortable with. The Texans signed Lamar Miller to a big deal last offseason. The Falcons have Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. The Giants might be a fit, but there’s the whole “we’re almost always in the shotgun and almost never use a fullback” issue to deal with. 

There’s a lot of offseason left and things can obviously change, but right now, it’s difficult to find an obvious fit.