AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chiefs fans admonished by Andy Reid for throwing snowballs vs. Colts

The Chiefs put together a dominant first half against the Colts, but some fans took the "12th man" mantra a little too seriously. Throughout the first half, they were throwing snowballs onto the field until they were told to stop by Andy Reid himself. At a snowy game you have to think it's hard to resist the urge, but it would be a pretty embarrassing way to get a penalty.

It started fairly early on, on a Colts punt.

So that's kind of annoying, but you can hope it was an isolated incident. But, as Ron Howard would say, "it wasn't."

Reid decided it was time for him to nip the shenanigans in the bud after he was presumably warned by an official that his fans would eventually net the Chiefs a penalty.

And NBC cameras caught the culprit himself, along with an adoring fan.

It's tough not to sympathize with these fans. They probably think that they're helping, and to be frank snowballs are insanely fun to make and throw. With that being said, you've got to think that they wouldn't be grinning if the Chiefs got a penalty, and getting screamed at by your favorite coach my be a demoralizing experience.

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