For the second time in as many weeks, the NFL had a tie on Sunday. In Week 1, it was Browns vs. Steelers, and on Sunday at Lambeau Field, it was the Vikings and Packers who played to a draw. That means both the AFC North and NFC North now have ties in their standings, which means that those standings are going to get a little more complex at the end of the season when we're talking about half-wins and head-to-head meetings. At least every team that tied will play each other again.

For a game to end in a tie, you need a mix of great and terrible football. After Kirk Cousins orchestrated an incredible drive to tie the game at 29, Mason Crosby (who was five of five kicking on the day) missed a 52-yard game-winning field goal to send the game into overtime. After that, it was 10 minutes of stagnation, and the Packers and Vikings tied at 29.

On Monday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell, Raja Bell and David Samson talk about the overtime rule and Danny and David say that it's time to abolish the tie in the NFL. They discuss the possibility of adopting the college format of spotting at the 25 and trying to score from there. The guys also touch on the absolutely horrific kicking performance from Zane Gonzalez that led to the Browns losing to the Saints, with Danny saying that a kicker's role on a team should be limited.

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