AHL team invites Jalen Ramsey to join them at training camp, give him a locker

Jalen Ramsey's claim that he could make the NHL if he trained for six months ruffled a good amount of feathers in the hockey world. That's partially because hockey players and fans tend to be a bit sensitive and protective when it comes to their sport, but also partially because Ramsey doesn't even know how to skate -- making his claim patently absurd. 

But one American Hockey League squad is ready to give Ramsey the chance to back up his declaration. The Springfield Thunderbirds -- AHL affiliate of the Florida Panthers -- have extended an offer for the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback to join them on the ice for training camp this fall.

Camp opens next week and there's a locker waiting for Ramsey if he chooses to accept their invitation.

Considering the 23-year-old is one of the NFL's premier defensive backs and is set to make over $6.3 million playing football this season, it seems unlikely he chooses to throw it all away to give minor league hockey a crack. Also, and this bears repeating once again, he cannot skate. That is a pretty important factor when it comes to hockey tryouts!

In any case, it's a very nice offer by the T-Birds, and Ramsey now gets the honor of being able to boast about being invited to a pro hockey camp -- something that many lifelong hockey players dream of being able to say. Even if he's a no-show, it seems like the NHL may have its eyes on Ramsey regardless.

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