News travels quickly in 2018 and we don't live in a world where any little mistake can be forgiven. So when noted news anchor Al Roker, just kind of doing his thing backstage at the Olympics for Pyeongchang, is firing out selfies and happens to include Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and also happens to call him a "former" player, things can get weird. 

That's exactly what Roker did late on Sunday night.

Roker isn't some huge football fan and it's not like Fitzgerald SHOULD be playing. He was drafted in 2004 and is still grinding out huge seasons for the Cardinals. He recently announced his return, but you could forgive Roker for not knowing the minute specifics of the NFL offseason while in the middle of grinding out Olympics weather (?) coverage. 

People did not forgive him.

Fortunately Roker swooped back through and issued a "this isn't fake news" correction because that's required in 2018. I'M A WEATHERMAN, PEOPLE. 

Roker's correction didn't come until three hours later and he didn't even thread the tweets, so it's possible plenty of people missed it and kept throwing questions in the direction of Arizona's team Twitter account. 

The Cardinals officially announced Fitzgerald was returning, so anyone who was buying into Roker's feed instead of the official Cardinals feed sort of gets whatever they deserve in terms of being faked out by the news. 

But, long story short, Larry Fitzgerald is not retiring, he is playing for the Cardinals and no, Al Roker does not know who his quarterback will be anymore than you or I or the Cardinals do at this point in time.