Haynesworth and Jackson have a child together.  Getty Images

Former Titans and Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth tweeted on Wednesday night that his ex-girlfriend -- former Lady Vols player Brittany Jackson -- allegedly used to racially and physically abuse him. Haynesworth and Jackson have a son together named Ayden. Haynesworth unleashed a series of tweets, accusing Jackson of calling him "the n-word" and talking about her "extremely violent" tendencies. He also said he called the police on numerous occasions to restrain her.

"Not only has she called me unthinkable names she has been extremely violent where more than 10 times in Tennessee and Florida I, me, Albert called the police to restrain her. Yes I have witnesses and bruises but me for some reason still tried to protect her by not sending her to jail [because] I didn't want to ruin her so called career and name," Haynesworth tweeted.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, on Jan. 10 the police were summoned to a home in Southeast Knox County. Allegedly Jackson had kicked Haynesworth in the groin, but by the time the police had arrived she was gone and Haynesworth didn't want to pursue charges.

After a career that embodied the expression "the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long," Haynesworth led a troubled post-NFL life. In Reston, Virginia he was charged with simple assault in a road rage incident, and he later pleaded no contest to charges of sexual assault in Washington D.C. That case never went to trial, and Haynesworth took part in programs and community service.

Jackson, meanwhile, has pleaded guilty to assault in the past. Haynesworth also accused Jackson's charity work of being fraudulent. He claims that she requests checks be written out to her charity, rather than the Chattanooga Alzeimer's Foundation, so that she can pocket the majority of the checks herself. Every year, Jackson hosts an "All Star Weekend." The validity of Haynesworth's allegations are unknown.

The entire series of tweets from Haynesworth can be found below. Haynesworth titled them "The Ugly Truth About Brittany," breaking them into parts. Jackson has not yet commented, and it's unknown why Haynesworth came forward at this time.