Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is still seeking a return to the NFL, while the details of his gruesome broken leg injury from last year keep sounding worse. Smith revealed while speaking at an event for medical professionals in Virginia that he had 17 surgeries on his broken leg since last November, per the Washington Times. Smith had the surgeries to remove tissue resulting from an infection in his fibula and tibia following the initial surgery. 

Smith, 35, still plans to make a comeback, though his future in the NFL is unclear. 

"The older you get, you realize how precious these situations are; that it's not going to last forever, and trying to make the most of it," Smith said back in August. "You only have so many years left, and to have this challenge set out in front of me. I mean, how often do you get a challenge like that to overcome? 

"And for me to take it on and not worry about anything else … I still feel like I'm young at heart and got a lot left ahead of me. I want to take that on."

The Redskins quarterback is trying to defy the odds. Smith was seen throwing passes at the Redskins' practice facility Monday, working on his drop back and wearing a compression sleeve on his right leg. Smith's plan is to return in 2020. If he does play in the NFL again, it will be a miraculous comeback for the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback. 

"I'm doing well. I am," Smith said. "I'm as optimistic as I've ever been. I've continued to progress. I don't think I've ever anticipated what this road would be like, I don't think I knew what it would be like. It's longer than I thought. But like I said, I'm still progressing and really optimistic about what is ahead of me."