A year ago this week, Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome leg injury that has sidelined him since and created a very long road to recovery for the 35-year-old. At the time, Smith's leg injury was compared to Joe Theismann's, who's similar injury happened 33 years to the day prior. Smith's injury required 17 surgeries

On Monday, the one year anniversary of the scary play, Smith's wife Elizabeth posted a video showing a glimpse of what the QB has been through in the last 365 days. She captioned it, "November 18... 1 year and so much to be grateful for."

The video played to Andra Day's "Rise Up" and started with an image of Smith on the cart from the day of the injury, going through the journey showing the progress and hard times for No. 11.  From laying in his hospital bed with "get well soon" balloons surrounding him, to images of his family in the waiting room, you could feel the stress and struggles through the video.

The post continues showing Smith smiling, getting out of the hospital and with his kids in the car. You then see him concentrating and breathing deeply trying to take slow steps on the injured foot in a cast and on crutches, with pain in his face but a look of determination. 

His progress goes from a few steps and mostly sitting and resting, to holding a football and walking under his own power. 

The compilation ends with a triumphant Smith slowly working out and favoring his good leg while carrying weights, but still getting the job done. As the post concludes, there is a video of him running on the treadmill as trainers in the back yell with encouragement for him to go faster. 

Elizabeth's post showed what people do not always get to see about athlete's injuries, It showed just how much Smith has done and how far he has come. It highlighted normal family moments through the chaos and times of Smith pushing himself when it was clearly difficult. 

Elizabeth has posted on social media at various milestones saying Smith is getting closer to the goal and says of her husband, "The resilience, determination and mental fortitude of this man is unmatched."

Smith missed the rest of the 2018 season and is sidelined for the entire 2019 season, but in the past has said he hopes to play in the NFL again some day.