Alvin Kamara put his name into the NFL record books with his six-touchdown performance on Christmas, becoming just the fourth player to record six touchdowns in a game. Kamara accomplished the feat in style, wearing red and green cleats throughout the game -- a pair of shoes that will certainly find their way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his historic performance. 

The catch-22 toward Kamara wearing red and green cleats? The NFL will more than likely fine him for wearing them during a game, as the NFL rulebook states players can wear "shoes that are black, white, or any Constitutional team color, or any combination of black, white, and a Constitutional team color." The Saints have no red and green in their color wheel. 

Kamara is more than okay with a fine coming his way. He has a plan to counter the NFL's ruling in light of the holiday season. 

"Oh, they're probably going to fine me. If they fine me, whatever it is, I'll just match it and donate it to charity," Kamara said to reporters after Friday's game. "You know that the Grinch always tries to steal Christmas."

Kamara tied an NFL record with six rushing touchdowns Friday, becoming the first player to rush for that many touchdowns in a game since Ernie Nevers in 1929. Kamara, Nevers, Dub Jones (1951, and Gale Sayers (1965) are the only players to score six touchdowns in a game. He finished with 22 carries for 155 yards and six touchdowns in the Christmas win, and he leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns (16) and total touchdowns (21). 

"I didn't really have to do too much," Kamara said. "Man, those guys did a great job and the receivers did a great job setting the edge and coming across and doing the dirty work. Man, it just feels good to have one of those days, just for the team, just for offensive morale. 

"I'm not focused on personal goals and yards and stuff like that, as long as the team's having success, then personal success will come."