American Airlines tried to help 'Matt Flynn' after release and downgrade

American Airlines can't help you, Matt Flynn.
American Airlines can't help you, Matt Flynn. (USATSI)

So bad day for Matt Flynn huh? The former Packers backup turned Seahawks backup turned Raiders backup became a free agent Monday after Oakland released him.

Insult to injury time here, as a Raiders blogger named Elias Trejo (of tweeted out a joke about Flynn being downgraded from first class to third class. The vigilant American Airlines Twitter account, not getting the context here or the depth chart joke in general, was all over it.

I can't explain how much I love that whoever was running the American Twitter account just seemed to get confused and kind of give up (in a friendly manner). They didn't so much as "get" that Flynn was a former Raiders quarterback nor did they really pick up on the concept of sarcasm.

"A" for effort on the customer service though.

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