Andrew Hawkins: Johnny Manziel is 'all business'

Johnny Manziel isn't going to change he says.
Andrew Hawkins says Johnny Manziel is 'all business.' (USATSI)

If you had to pick one phrase to describe Johnny Manziel, what would it be? "Athletic excitement" works. "Vegas baby" would suffice. "Inflatable swan" even.

But "all business"? It wouldn't be the top choice for most folks, though it was for Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins during a recent Sirius XM interview (via

"Johnny's all business, man," Hawkins said. "I can't speak for all the other stuff because all I know is the Johnny I see in his playbook all day and trying to learn the plays and pick up an NFL offense, which is extremely hard for anybody, much less a guy who left college early. He worked his butt off, and I think that is all you can ask of him."

This actually fits with Manziel's own claim he spends hours poring over the Cleveland playbook. And it fits with everything you hear about him, when he's not having his picture splashed all over Instagram during a holiday weekend.

Manziel loves the game of football and works hard at it.

If he's put in the effort to get ready for his rookie season in advance of training camp, it'll be obvious in the way he plays on the practice field.

"I think he's doing all the right things now and it's a process," Hawkins said.

Manziel's brushed aside any criticism for how he spends his time during the offseason.

Everyone's got an opinion on how Manziel will do, but no one knows for sure whether he'll sink or swim when the balls start flying for the upcoming season.

We'll find out soon enough.

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