Andrew Luck ditches his neck beard in favor of a mustache at Colts training camp

Andrew Luck might have just killed something beautiful. One of football's great neck beards is no more, as the quarterback is returning to the field with a new -- not so clean -- look. Rest in peace Civil War Andrew Luck. It looks like "Magnum, P.I." Andrew Luck has entered the fold.

Colts photographer Matt Kryger captured a photo of Luck rocking a new mustache. The results were ... questionable.

Calling this "Aaron Ro[d]gers'ish" is generous, given that Rodgers hit the field looking more like this.

It's kind of great that Luck's beard is already poking through again in the picture.

Luck looks like he expected to resemble Henry Cavill from "Mission Impossible: Fallout" based on the full-on eye squint in this picture, but the actual response was a bit less kind. In fact, some people see Luck more as a certain other quarterback. Only this one peaked in high school.

Captain Andrew Luck, however, says that his beard is merely on leave.

The old Andrew Luck complimented the players that sacked him. But this Andrew Luck is going to want blood.

In his preseason debut, Luck went 6 of 9 for 64 yards, orchestrating a pair of scoring drives. The Colts will need Luck to return to form if they're to be successful this season, as they look to bounce back from a 4-12 season in 2017 without him.

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