Andrew Luck's return to football is getting kind of crazy against the Bengals

After sitting out for 616 days due to injury, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck finally returned to action on Sunday, and let's just say that things haven't gone exactly as planned. 

On his very first throw of the game, Luck was picked off by Bengals linebacker Preston Brown. The interception was a devastating one for the Colts because it came on a second-and-goal play from the Bengals 4-yard line. 

The interception was surprising, and that's because Luck almost never throws interceptions in the red zone. During his last full season on the field in 2016, Luck threw 20 touchdown passes and zero picks in the red zone, meaning the interception against the Bengals was Luck's first red zone pick since 2015

Of course, the good news for Luck is that he didn't even throw the ugliest interception of the first quarter. That honor belongs to Andy Dalton, who also threw an interception on his first pass of the game. 

Luck's return to football has been wild so far. 

In the first quarter alone, there were three turnovers. Besides the two interceptions, A.J. Green also lost a fumble for the Bengals. 

Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that Luck almost got his head taken off by Bengals safety Shawn Williams

Williams was flagged AND ejected from the game for the hit. 

The second quarter also got off to a wild start with Luck throwing his first touchdown pass in 616 days. The Colts quarterback hit Eric Ebron for a 26-yard score that gave Indy a 10-3 lead over Cincinnati. 

If you're trying to keep tabs on all the craziness going down in Indianapolis, make sure to click here and follow along with our GameTracker. The GameTracker will give you a live score and up-to-date stats. 

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