Andrew Walter running for office, to host firearms-related fundraiser

Andrew Walter was sacked 46 times back in 2006. (USATSI)
Former Raiders QB Andrew Walter was sacked 46 times back in 2006. (

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Andrew Walter started eight games for the Raiders in 2006, but the former third-round pick out of Arizona St. lasted just four NFL seasons before he was out of the league completely in 2009. Now Walter is back in Arizona and running for office, and he has a plan to woo donors in his bid for the Arizona House.

On Friday, Walter is hosting an "Evening of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" at a Scottsdale gun club, reports the Arizona Republic.

Contributors forking over $1,000 will get 250 rounds of ammunition and a chance to fire from three weapons. Donations of $250 will get you one box of ammo and a chance to fire a Glock 18.

(Worth noting: Walter was sacked a staggering 46 times during the '06 season, which is reason enough to want to protect yourself with a firearm. Of course, that image immediately conjures memories of the opening scene from Last Boy Scout, but we digress...)

And before you start in with your gun control arguments, donor response has been positive, according to Walter's campaign manager, Chris Tolino.

"Arizona is a very strong Second Amendment state," he said. "Firearm ownership and the outdoor lifestyle are very prominent out here."

Arizona was also the state where former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords was shot in the head during a 2011 shooting spree that left six dead and 13 wounded. Tolino called the rampage an "absolute tragedy" but noted that "the vast majority of gun owners in Arizona are responsible, gun-owning citizens."

As's Fredreka Schouten writes, this isn't the first time politicians have mixed guns and fundraising.

"Since March 2013, at least seven candidates have sought to lure donors with the promise of shooting at things, according to a database maintained by the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation, which tracks fundraising activity. They range from skeet shooting last year to raise money for Idaho GOP Sen. Mike Crapo's leadership PAC to a trap shoot last month to help underwrite the campaign of a New York State Assembly candidate. Other politicians have raffled off AK-47s."

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