Andy Reid likes Tommy Bahamas since 'you can hide cheeseburgers'

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid spent the three-day event that was the NFL Draft ensconced in Tommy Bahama shirts. 

The fine folks at Arrowhead Pride have a breakdown, but why was he so dressed down for the event? Here's his explanation:

"You wear them and you can hide cheeseburgers underneath and no one will ever know," Reid said on the radio Monday.

He was joking, of course. The Chiefs coach got hooked up by someone who works at the Tommy Bahama shop in the local Kansas City mall.

"You know what, over on the Plaza [in Kansas City] there's a Tommy Bahama shop," Reid told the Program's Soren Petro on Monday. "There's a lady over there who took care of me, the manager of the store over there. She heard the story about the Tommy Bahama shirts and she sent that one over to me without any fanfare or anything. I appreciated that."

That one, specifically, is this one:

(Via Arrowhead Pride)

Reid rocked the Hawaiian-style shirts at the NFL Owners' meetings, sitting down for breakfast on his birthday to talk Alex Smith and (mainly) Nick Foles.

His mind wasn't so much on quarterbacks this time; so he said anyway. This draft, much like one that didn't include a quarterback, was a departure for Reid.

"Normally I wear that on the second day, but I donned it on the first day," Reid said of his flowery red shirt. "The other shirts I had, I had the red Tommy Bahama all lined up and ready to go before that one came over for the second day, so I wore that one the second day. The third day I went kind of plain. I went with the black Tommy Bahama."

I more or less liked the Chiefs draft. Eric Fisher was an easy pick and both Sanders Commings and Nico Johnson should help their defense. Travis Kelce and Knile Davis have tons of upside on offense but are also reasonable risks (to say the least).

Pete Prisco felt similarly, giving the Chiefs a B- for their effort

For fashion and comedy, though, Reid gets an A (plus plus).

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