When it rains, it pours and right now it is dumping on the New York Giants. Not only did the Giants lose their top four starting wide receivers -- three for the season -- during a Week 5 loss to the Chargers that left them 0-5, but some defensive drama surfaced this week as well.

Starting cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie showed up for work, then told everyone he was leaving and promptly got suspended indefinitely by the team. He's not the only cornerback in trouble: according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, second-year corner Eli Apple was benched to start the game against Los Angeles not because of his play but for discipline reasons.

Garafolo, appearing on "Good Morning Football (Weekend Edition)," explained that "things are dire right now" for the Giants in terms of preserving the locker room, so coach Ben McAdoo is trying to do whatever he can to keep control. 

"Things are dire right now and that's why McAdoo is really trying to maintain control of that locker room. That's why we saw the suspension with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie when he left a couple of days ago after he was told he's going to be inactive. You also have a situation with the other cornerback, Eli Apple," Garafolo explained. "He was sitting for the first three series against the Chargers. They didn't call it a demotion -- it was not a demotion, it was disciplinary. I am told, via sources, that during practice, his conduct wasn't great and that he was speaking back to one of the coaches. So he was sat for the first three series. Not a demotion for his play on the field, even though he's struggled in that department."

But wait, there's more. Apparently Apple engaged in a shouting match with someone on the Giants sideline and apparently people think he might have been yelling at Frank Mara, the brother of owner John Mara. 

"Also in the game, after Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie left the field and went back to the locker room, [Apple] came off the field, someone near Frank Mara, who is John's brother, said something he didn't like," Garafolo explained. He yelled back in that person's direction -- there was some confusion whether he was yelling back at Frank Mara, who is the Giants VP of Community Relations. So, Eli Apple, they want to make sure he gets his head in the game, stays calm, works on his craft, gets going.

"Right now, Ben McAdoo truly believes in that locker room that there are guys who are bought in, that there are guys like DRC who are frustrated, truly believes that the energy is still there for an 0-5 team."

Yeesh. The Giants are in about as bad shape as you can possibly imagine when it comes to the start of an NFL season. The best player on their team, Odell Beckham, is done for the year and they declined to give him a new contract before he got injured (he definitely wanted one). Eli Manning is under fire from the media and has had to deny rumors about being a trade target for the Jaguars. Say that out loud.

The defense is the loan bright spot, but two of the top corners are basically going rogue. There is no running game and the offensive line is not a strength either. They are about to travel to Denver to play a dangerous Broncos defense on Sunday night. It is the worst imaginable spot for a professional football team and McAdoo is at the center of it all, trying to calm things down by benching all of his defensive players.