The Raiders' potential move to Las Vegas has gained some serious steam recently, and it's about to gain some more, because the team now has one of the NFL's most powerful owners in their corner.

During an interview on Friday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave Vegas his endorsement.

"I think [Vegas] would be good for the NFL," Kraft told USA Today Sports.

The city of Oakland shouldn't take that as an insult; Kraft did add that he'd like the Raiders to stay in the Bay Area if they can get a stadium deal done.

"I know Mark Davis has tried so hard in Oakland," Kraft said. "If they won't do it ... I want to support him."

The odds of a stadium deal getting done in Oakland seem close to zero at this point. The Bay Area city has made it clear that it won't be using public funds to build a stadium, even though the Raiders are offering up to $600 million to get a deal done.

On the other hand, the Vegas proposal calls for roughly $750 million in public funding, money that will be available if the project is approved by the Nevada State Legislature.

The Raiders have pledged $500 million to the Vegas project.

Kraft is the second powerful owner in the past 10 days to come out in support of Las Vegas.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also voiced his support recently, calling Vegas "one of the real crown jewels of communities in the United States."

Jones and Kraft are widely viewed as the two owners at the top of the NFL's power totem pole.

As for the whole gambling thing, Kraft has seen the league evolve over the past 20 years, and he thinks the NFL is ready to have a team in America's gambling capital.

"I came into the league in '94," Kraft said. "Back then, any exploration of that [Vegas] was dismissed out of hand. I'm looking where we are today and thinking of the last 10 to 15 years, and the emergence of new media, with Google and Facebook and the like. We're just living in a different world, technology wise."

Basically, Kraft seems to be saying that with the proliferation of online gambling, people can bet on the NFL anywhere, so it shouldn't matter that you can wager on games in Vegas.

"The risks in Vegas are no longer exclusive to Vegas. Whatever the risks, they are no greater (in Las Vegas) than playing a game in New Jersey," Kraft said.

With Kraft and Jones behind a potential move, it's now up to Oakland to come up with a viable plan. If that doesn't happen soon, there's a good chance the Raiders will be moving to Vegas sometime in the near future.

Besides Kraft and Jones, Davis would need 21 other owners (a total of 24) to approve the move.

The Raiders seem to be inching closer to a Vegas move. USATSI