Watch Now: Off the Bench: Le'Veon Bell's absence angers teammates (4:03)

Le'Veon Bell still hasn't joined the Steelers as he continues to hold out under the franchise tag, and some Steelers players have already voiced their problems with the decision. However, Bell does have one pretty big name in his corner. 

Antonio Brown is currently the second highest-paid receiver in the NFL with an average cap hit of $17 million a year, so he knows about getting his money. On Thursday, Brown posted his support of Bell's holdout, saying the team will be with him when he returns.

Of course, that "when" is looking more and more like an "if." The Steelers hit Bell with the franchise tag, and he does not seem to have any interest in playing under it. The star running back is still nowhere to be found as the Steelers approach Week 1 against the Browns.

It's some much-needed support for Bell, who seemed shocked by the backlash from his teammates -- particularly his offensive linemen -- and posted one word on Instagram to convey that: "Whoa."

At this point, this could be a battle of linemen vs. skill positions, but at least Bell will see one friendly face if he returns to the Steelers. Brown might not love holdouts -- he said as much in 2015 when he claimed "holdouts never go well" -- but that apparently doesn't mean that he doesn't want the best for his teammate.