The NFL is developing a bad reputation this season for really putting unnecessary clamps down on celebrations. That reputation is not without merit, as the latest fine for Steelers wideout Antonio Brown showed.

During Week 1, Brown was flagged for a "sexually suggestive" end zone dance (he twerked) and the celebration cost him somewhere around $10,000.

This past week against the Chiefs, Brown brought the sexy back, busting out the McCringleberry after scoring.

The dance drew a 15-yard flag, but it also is going to cost Brown an obscene amount of money, as Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Steelers wideout was fined $24,309.

That's the amount for a second violation of the sportsmanship rules. It means that Brown was likely fined $12,154 for his Week 1 dance.

There is a reason the NFL is trying to clarify what the ruling is for sexually-suggestive dances. It's ridiculous. Brown isn't doing anything NSFW-ish. He's dancing in the end zone.

It's totally understandable that the league can't become 100 guys just dry-humping their way through a 60-minute football game. But fining someone nearly $25,000 for something like this is out of control.

This isn't the only time Brown has crossed paths with someone being angry about his on-field antics either. He claims a referee said he would sit him for the second half of a game if he didn't change his cleats, which depicted the faces of his children, at halftime.