Antonio Brown explains why he wants to be like a 'Pokemon' character

Antonio Brown has a goal. And it relates to Pokemon. Specifically, the Steelers star wideout wants to be more like Ash Ketchum. Hang with me for a second, because this is actually related to football.

Brown wants to be like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon because ... well, I'll let him explain, as he did on ESPN.

"I don't have a number, I just want to catch them all," Brown said, according to Steelers Depot. "That's always my goal is to maximize every opportunity and every throw that's coming my way. To be consistent, be a guy Ben [Roethlisberger] can trust, be a guy the team can rely on and just like the Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon, I just want to catch them all."

Remember Ash?

Now, I'll admit I haven't paid attention to Pokemon since the second grade, but I will also admit that I definitely paid a ton of attention to Pokemon in the second grade and Brown's analogy stirred up some old feelings. And I have to ask, why hasn't any other dominant receiver made this comparison before? Maybe this is just the inner 8-year-old in me speaking, but this might be the best WR-anime comparison made in the history of football, anime, and comparisons.

It's apt because Brown actually does catch them all. Last year, he caught a career-high 136 passes. He's averaged 125 catches per season since 2013 -- easily the highest average in that span.

On a more serious -- and a non-Pokemon -- note, Brown also said that he isn't prioritizing a new contract at the moment.

"Well, right now I'm at the facility and all I'm just focused on is playing football and being around the guys," Brown said. "The game has been great to me, the Steelers have been great to me and I think things will work out and take its toll. But I'm just singularly focused on being a great player, being here around the guys and my teammates, and representing my family. I think money's not a need for me right now and I think things will work out as the time continues to unfold."

Brown, whose contract expires after the 2017 season, should be in line for a much-deserved raise. You know, because he catches them all.

Antonio Brown has caught the most passes in the NFL since 2013. USATSI
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