You wouldn't know it to look just at the outfit Antonio Brown wore to M&T Bank Stadium Sunday but the Steelers' all-world wide receiver had his game face on ahead of Pittsburgh's matchup with AFC North rival Baltimore.

The seriousness with which Brown approached this game was made abundantly clear in the first half when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger missed his favorite target on a third-down play. And by missed we don't mean "threw in accurately in his direction while he was well covered," we mean "didn't even look at Brown, who couldn't have been more open if he was the only person in the stadium."



Roethlisberger threw incomplete to the other side of the field, prompting Brown to throw up his hands in exasperation. Things got more animated when Brown made his way to the bench:

Brown got it out of his system quickly because he was on the next series, and it probably didn't hurt that the Steelers jumped out to an early 13-0 lead. You can follow all the action in this game with's GameTracker.