If Antonio Brown ends up getting released by the Raiders, there's a chance his career in Oakland will end without him ever receiving a single paycheck from the team. 

That's right, even though Brown signed a three-year, $50.125 million deal in March that included $30.125 million in guaranteed money, he still hasn't received a single cent due to the way that his deal was structured, according to Pro Football Talk

When he signed his deal, Brown's guaranteed total included a $1 million signing bonus plus full guarantees for the 2019 ($14.625 million) and 2020 ($14.5 million) seasons for a total of $30.125 million. Although most players get their signing bonus shortly after they put their signature on their contract, that wasn't the case with Brown. 

According to PFT, Brown's signing bonus was actually structured as two separate workout bonuses of $500,000 each. To earn the 2019 money, Brown had to show up for 85 percent of the team's offseason training activities this year, which he did not do. Since he didn't meet the criteria, the Raiders didn't have to pay him the bonus, which means Brown was out $500,000 before he even got to training camp. 

To get the other $500,000 bonus, Brown would have to show up for 85 percent of the team's offseason training activities in 2020, although he might not get that chance to earn that, because the Raiders might end up getting rid of him before next season.

Bryant McFadden and Ryan Wilson joined Will Brinson on an emergency podcast to break down the Antonio Brown news. You can listen below:

Brown is currently on thin ice in Oakland and that's mainly due to the fact that he got into a heated incident/altercation/argument with general manager Mike Mayock at practice on Wednesday. The argument happened less than 24 hours after Brown shared a letter from Mayock on social media that Mayock obviously didn't want shared. The letter noted that the Raiders were going to fine Brown more than $54,000 for missing two practices.  

That being said, fines should be the least of Brown's worries right now and that's because he's now facing a team suspension. If the Raiders go that route, there's a chance that Brown could end up seeing the rest of his guaranteed money voided, which means he'd lose out on $$29.625 million after already losing out on $500,000. Once the money is voided, the Raiders could theoretically cut him without taking any sort of salary cap hit. 

The Raiders have basically been dealing with Brown's drama since the day he arrived in Oakland, and it's starting to feel like the only way this drama is going to end is if the team gets rid of him.