The Steelers' season is over, but that doesn't mean the hubbub surrounding Antonio Brown has quieted down for good. Brown endured a decent bit of scrutiny in the week leaking up to the game for live-streaming portions of Mike Tomlin's postgame speech after the Steelers beat the Chiefs in the divisional round. The video showed Tomlin referring to the Patriots as "a--h----" and another person in the video reminding players to not make waves on social media.

It's doubtful that the video or ensuing coverage of it actually impacted the game, but reports since it happened have begun to paint a picture of Brown as a less-than-model locker room citizen. (The timing of those reports, obviously, is conspicuous.) One of those reports came from NFL Network, which stated that there is a concern within the organization that Brown only cares about his stats and that he was "pouting" after the Steelers scored a touchdown during the AFC title game.

Brown hasn't publicly addressed the report himself, but he did retweet Colts punter Pat McAfee on Wednesday, and that action gives us some insight into how Brown feels about the report, and the source from which it came:

The photo in the picture clearly shows Brown celebrating DeAngelo Williams' touchdown run and not pouting because he was "open in the end zone" as the report from NFL Network stated. He was never in the end zone at all, and didn't even run a route because he was blocking Malcolm Butler on the play.

The issue of a league-operated network reporting on teams and players in the league can get sticky at times, especially when there are reports about the inner-workings of those teams. It sure seems like Brown is not thrilled with the implication that he's not a model teammate, especially since it came from the league's media arm.