Antonio Brown says there's 'no conflict' with Ben Roethlisberger: It's a matter of 'mutual respect'

Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. You know this. I know this. The Pittsburgh Steelers know this. Everybody knows this. Brown has not exactly been subtle about it over the past week or so. 

Brown has been more oblique about exactly what led to his desire to leave Pittsburgh, saying things like it's "time to move on" and that "organizations got the fans tricked," seemingly placing the blame on the Steelers rather than himself, contra media reports regarding his supposed selfishness and alleged diva attitude.

On Saturday, it seemed like Brown was going to open up about a whole lot of stuff when, in the middle of the day, he went on Twitter and posted that he wanted to do a 10-question Q&A where he would answer questions with "real truth and real facts."

Brown ignored over 1,500 questions over the course of 46 minutes before finally fielding one, and he did not hold back in his response. Asked what caused the conflict between himself and Ben Roethlisberger, Brown took square aim at his quarterback's mentality and relationships with others.  

This sure does not seem like a player who has any intention of remaining with his current team, regardless of the financial realities that make it difficult for him to be dealt this offseason. 

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