Antonio Brown slams media at Super Bowl for being selfish player

Antonio Brown isn't happy with the reports that he is a selfish player. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, rumored to be traded this offseason, took his frustrations out on the media speaking for the first time since Pittsburgh's AFC Championship loss to the New England Patriots 11 days ago.

"I don't think my reputation or how I relate to guys in the locker room or my play on the field ever should have been a question," Brown said to Fox Sports Thursday. "We're talking about a championship game that people don't get a chance to experience over the course of our career. To say I wasn't running the right route or to say that I was mad about us scoring a touchdown, that's just disheartening.

“Who does that? As the media, it’s your job to tell the truth and give people fundamental facts of the reality of things. Sometimes those things can be misconstrued from being in the position I’m in and people just want to create stories.”

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Brown has come under fire from the Steelers of late, from recording head coach Mike Tomlin's speech on Facebook Live after the team's AFC Divisional Playoff victory over the Kansas City Chiefs to apparently not celebrating a touchdown with his teammates during the first half of the AFC Championship Game because the play didn't go to him. 

“I just think when you’re under that microscope, people are going to try to paint that picture and create hype and put that type of attention on you," Brown said. "I think they took a wrong picture – a picture from a whole other play – and put that picture next to the touchdown play and said I was upset.

"Why would I be upset? The goal in the playoffs is to win. I wouldn’t be here right now if we won the game, we’d be getting ready to play the biggest game in the world. It was a championship game versus the Patriots.”

Brown has been selected as a First Team All-Pro three consecutive seasons and has made the Pro Bowl five times in his seven seasons, amassing 632 catches for 8,377 yards and 50 touchdowns. He will turn 29 this offseason and is heading into the last year of his contract with the Steelers. 

If Pittsburgh can't reach a long-term deal with Brown, the Steelers may attempt to trade him and get high value in return. Brown, however, has claimed he wants to be a "Steeler for Life" while owner Art Rooney has publicly stated the team will resign him. 

If both sides can't reach a deal, wide receiver-needy teams like the Philadelphia Eagles will come calling for his services. 

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