Antonio Brown takes jabs at Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians on Instagram with new post

Antonio Brown doesn't get doubted anymore, but there was definitely a time when he did. Apparently, Throwback Thursday came early for Brown this week, as he made an Instagram post on Sunday taking shots at Bruce Arians and, more notably, Mike Tomlin for an eight-year-old beef. Brown, whose most infamous social media faux pas is arguably when he recorded Tomlin on Facebook Live in the Steelers' locker room, apparently still hasn't learned his lesson.

Brown's comments on Arians are direct. "Bruce Arians said he's a special team guy he caint learn the plays hots n sites. Not Smart Enough." The term "hots" refers to hot routes, whereas "sites" refers to option routes.

Brown's comments to Tomlin take a bit more unpacking. "Coach T Bench me on a bye week; said two dogs one bone. God bless em #putsomerestpectonmyname."

The best guess here is that Brown is referring to 2010, when he and Emmanuel Sanders were both rookies. The two were competing for a roster spot -- or at least playing time -- but both exceeded expectations down the line.

Arians was the Steelers' offensive coordinator when Brown was a rookie, but why is Brown doing this now? Who knows? It could be because it's something Brown does. He loves the spotlight, and this keeps it on him. Furthermore, it keeps a chip on his shoulder.

After the Facebook Live incident, Tomlin called Brown's actions "inconsiderate." We'll see if he has anything to say this time around. Arians likely won't care; he's happily retired now, so Brown can take all the pot shots he wants.

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