If there's one NFL team this offseason that's constantly being listed as a potential landing spot for free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown, it's the Baltimore Ravens, and that's not by accident. 

Over the past month, Brown and Lamar Jackson have both made it pretty clear that they would love to see Brown sign with the Ravens. Of course, before that can happen, Jackson is going to have get his general manager (Eric DeCosta) on board with the idea of signing the troubled receiver.

The good news for Jackson is that DeCosta at least sounds open to adding Brown. During a recent interview with Adam Schein on Sirius XM's Mad Dog Sports Radio, DeCosta was asked if the team might be interested in adding the 31-year-old receiver and he definitely didn't shoot down the idea. 

"We're always assessing the players out there on the streets," DeCosta said. "We're looking at guys, we're making decisions that we think are best for the club, and if we think there's a guy out there who fits us, who's got the skill set to provide value, we'll certainly pounce on that type of guy."

DeCosta also added that he'll be looking to beef up the roster between now and the Ravens' opener in September, which means, the team has nearly four months to figure out if Brown would be a good fit in Baltimore. 

"As Ozzie [Newsome] always used to tell me, we don't play games until September, so we've got a lot of time to build the best team we can build, and we'll continue to do that," DeCosta said. "I look at this time period right here after the draft as a great opportunity to get better as a football team, and we will look to do that."

If you're scoring at home, that's the second key member of the Ravens organization that has sounded open to the idea of adding Brown. Besides DeCosta, there's also Jackson, who said back in April that he'd be happy if the Ravens added the seven-time Pro Bowler. 

"I'd be happy if they signed him," Jackson said of Brown. "He's a great player. He showed it each and every year when he was with the Steelers in the past, but it's not my decision."

Those comments came just weeks after Jackson had a workout session with Brown. Speaking of Brown, he's also trying to will this signing into existence. Over the weekend, the beleaguered wide receiver posted a picture of himself on social media that showed him wearing a Ravens jersey

If the Ravens' interest in Antonio Brown starts to get serious, you can bet the team is going to do a lot of homework on the troubled receiver before they actually sign him. The problem for the Ravens -- and for any team that wants to sign Brown -- is that even if you sign him to a contract, he might not even be eligible to play, because there's a chance he could be suspended by the NFL before he even suits up for a single game. 

Not only is the NFL currently investigating allegations of sexual assault against Brown, but the receiver is also under investigation by the league following an incident where he allegedly sent intimidating text messages to a woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct. More recently, Brown had an arrest warrant filed for him in January on charges of felony burglary with battery. The Ravens would probably want to get some clarification from the league on Brown's status before they look to sign him.