Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson isn't in charge of making the personnel decisions in Baltimore, but if he was, it sounds like one of the first players he'd sign is wide receiver Antonio Brown. A few weeks ago, Jackson actually spent some time working out with the beleaguered wide receiver, and apparently, the reigning NFL MVP liked what he saw so much that he now wants the Ravens to go out and sign the Brown. 

"I'd be happy if they signed him," Jackson said of Brown, via NBC Sports Washington. "He's a great player. He showed it each and every year when he was with the Steelers in the past, but it's not my decision."

Jackson's interview on Tuesday was the first one he held since January when the top-seeded Ravens were shockingly knocked out of the playoffs by the sixth-seeded Titans. As for Brown, this isn't the first time that someone in the Ravens organization has been asked about the possibility of adding him. 

Shortly after Jackson's workout with Brown on April 6, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta was asked about the team's interest in the wide receiver, and he didn't exactly shoot down the idea. Instead, he basically ducked the question. 

"Those are in-house things," DeCosta said, via ESPN.com. "I don't really feel the need to share that right now."

Although Jackson might be pushing for the Ravens to add the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver, he likely won't be working out with the free agent receiver in the near future. Jackson took some heat for the first workout since he wasn't practicing social distancing and it's a mistake that he likely won't be making again. 

"We understand that we are supposed to be safe," Jackson said. "We were just trying to get a little work in, but we know now."

The reason the former Steelers receiver was even working out with Jackson in the first place was due to one big thing that ties them together: Antonio Brown's cousin, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, is a Ravens receiver, and he was also at the April 6 workout. 

"With the Hollywood and Antonio Brown stuff, we were just trying to put in some work," Jackson said. "A lot of my fans were coming on my page and saying, 'We want to see you working out,' and stuff like that."

Although Jackson was throwing passes to Antonio Brown, he did admit that he didn't really get much time to chit-chat with the 31-year-old receiver. 

"We were just working out," Jackson said. "We didn't really sit down and talk."

If the Ravens' interest in Antonio Brown starts to get serious, you can bet the team is going to do a lot of homework on the troubled receiver before they actually sign him. The problem with Brown is that even if you sign him to a contract, he might not even be eligible to play, because there's a chance he could be suspended by the league before he even suits up for a single game. 

Not only is the NFL currently investigating allegations of sexual assault against Brown, but the receiver is also under investigation by the league following an incident where he allegedly sent intimidating text messages to a woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct. More recently, Brown had an arrest warrant filed for him in January on charges of felony burglary with battery. The Ravens would probably want to get some clarification from the league on Brown's status before they look to sign him.