Arian Foster claims to be 'fresh,' 'rejuvenated' and 'fine'

Arian Foster's back injury is creeping into his legs now?
Arian Foster says he feels 'fresh' and 'rejuventated.' So that's good. (USATSI)

The concern level over Arian Foster's physical state is quite high. He's a top NFL running back (and, lament it all you want, fantasy pick) who's dealing with back pain that's apparently seeped into his legs and that's worth freaking out over.

But Foster recently told the MMQB's Peter King, in an article printed Monday, that he's "fine," that his "body feels great" and that he's "fresh."

“I’m fine," the Texans running back said. "My body feels great. I actually think all this time [off] might help. ... You ask any player: 'How'd you enjoy the lockout season?' Great time. You had a chance to train without [having to] practice every day. When you got back to training camp, everyone felt fresh. That's exactly how I feel right now.

"Over the past couple of months, I had the chance to just train and rehab and work on my body and didn't have all those carries in training camp. Even during camp, I got a long rest [because of the back injury]. It's usually a grind. Now I feel fresh. I feel rejuvenated."

Hmm. So this is good news. There's no doubting that. If Foster was downplaying his physical condition and acting concerned about his ability to step in and perform at a high level, it might cause a total meltdown.

Instead he appears to believe he can waltz into game action and perform at the same level he's performed at in recent years ... and that's fine. I think.

The reality is Foster doesn't have to step in and be his normal self right away. Ben Tate is completely capable of filling Foster's shoes in the Texans running game if necessary. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson had their passing-game mojo working on Sunday night, even if it was just against the Saints porous pass defense.

So if Foster's as fresh as he claims, it's really just a bonus and the Texans could be prepared to come out firing on offense in 2013.

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