Arian Foster continues to strive to be a good teammate, ignore local media

Arian Foster is a good teammate, isn't particularly fond of the local media. (USATSI)
Arian Foster is a good teammate but isn't particularly fond of the local media. (USATSI)

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Consistency has been a hallmark of Arian Foster, professional running back. And the same holds true when it comes to his relationship with the local media. In late July, shortly after the start of training camp, the Texans running back met with reporters and pretty much answered every question with some variation of, "I'm just trying to be the best teammate I can be."

Foster avoided the local press for two weeks, but met with them again Thursday. We'll let you guess the theme of that Q&A (transcript via PFT).

On returning to practice: "Good."

On his role in Bill O'Brien's new offense: "I feel good about it."

On whether he thought about retirement last year (wait for it ...): "I'm just out here trying to be the best teammate I can be, man."

When pressed on if he meant what he told ESPN about retirement, Foster said, "Every day you just work hard. You've got to be the best teammate you can be out here."

On how much it helps the Texans to practice against another team during training camp: "A lot. It helps a lot."

How, exactly, it does it help? "It just helps very much with everything.”

What did he take away from practicing against the Falcons? "A lot of hard work. Good work out here."

What does Foster expect from himself in 2014? "Great football and being a good teammate."

When asked about efforts to raise money for cancer research on behalf of teammate David Quessenberry, who has been diagnosed with lymphoma, Foster said, "It's awesome. Awesome."

Why has Foster decided to not cooperate with the media? "I'm just trying to be the best teammate I can be and that's part of it."

Is he aware that he's required by the league to speak with the media? "That's why I'm here today."

Does he feel like he's being a distraction with his "I'm being the best teammate I can be" responses to most media questions? "I get paid to play football and that's what I'm going to continue to do and work hard at it."

Afterward, Foster took to Twitter:

The bigger takeaway: We should all aspire to be great teammates, every day.

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