Arian Foster retired in October, at 30,  and now for the former NFL running back is looking for ways to keep busy with his newfound free time.

On Sunday afternoon, Foster tweeted that he wants to go camping but wildlife “scares the s--t outta me.” Undeterred, he then made the case for why he could take down a wolf, presumably should he ever encounter one in the wild.

Who knows if Foster is at all serious, or just riling up his Twitter audience. Either way, he continued to make his case:

Wolves typically travel in packs, but Foster has an answer for that!

There’s also the element of “This wolf doesn’t know what he’s getting into.”

Oh, and wolves can’t read, either:

Again, we can only assume that Foster is having fun, but even if he isn’t, this has been a thoroughly entertaining break from watching NFL hopefuls run around in shorts and t-shirts all day.

In conclusion, Foster writes, “If [the wolf] bites me, his main weapon is immobilized. Then [he] becomes vulnerable. This is why thumbs are so important.”

Also important: The right frame of mind.

“Y’all will never kill a wolf with this kind of attitude,” Foster tweets. “He’s already defeated you off of reputation. Not me. F--- him.”

We think we found a new combine drill.