Thursday night's incident that featured Myles Garrett slamming Mason Rudolph's helmet into the quarterback's unprotected head sent shockwaves through the sports world. People were outraged and horrified, and there's no doubt that it certainly was a pretty brutal and unsettling thing to see. Even Baker Mayfield couldn't defend his teammate's actions

But not everyone thought the general response to the incident was fair or just, and you can include former NFL running back Arian Foster in that group of skeptics. From Foster's point of view, it's hypocritical for football fans who actively support a violent product every day to be outraged over a violent act just because it doesn't fall within the rules of the game.

Several people challenged Foster's viewpoint and attempted to draw a line between the "normal" level of violence in a regular football game with what Garrett pulled at the end of Thursday's contest. Foster wasn't having any of it. 

The former running back also compared the public's response to violent football incidents with how they receive violent altercations in other sports, including hockey and baseball.

When a follower pushed back on that take by saying that a violence to this degree rarely happens in baseball, Foster responded by saying "pitchers intentionally hit batters with a [expletive] rock all the time. Y'all are weird, man."

Honestly, Foster makes some solid points and reasoning to his argument, and it's fair to see how a person could land on either side of this debate. It's an interesting discussion to come out of an ugly incident but, regardless of where you fall, it's undeniable that Rudolph and Garrett can consider themselves pretty lucky the end result wasn't worse.