As seen on Twitter: The charitable, fallout from Michael Sam's sack

Michael Sam showed off his money fingers after sacking Johnny Manziel. (WKYC-TV)
Michael Sam showed off his money fingers after sacking Johnny Manziel. (WKYC-TV)

UPDATE: The bet has been settled (via ESPN). 

Sometimes, people do things on the internet that they later regret in life. Take this guy for example. At 10:12 a.m. ET on Saturday, almost a full 10 hours before the Rams were scheduled to play the Browns, some guy on Twitter tweeted out the following. 

It looked like our friend was going to make it through the game with no problems. Manziel didn't get into the game until the third quarter and going into the the fourth quarter, Michael Sam hadn't sacked him yet. 

Even if Sam did somehow sack Manziel, he would have to follow up the sack with Manziel's 'money fingers.' NO WAY THAT HAPPENS, RIGHT? 

Then it happened

All of it. 

The sack. 

The money fingers. 

And we all now have free drinks for life. 

On a somewhat related note, our Twitter friend -- and he is our friend because he owes us drinks for the rest of time -- seems to realize the ridiculousness of his mistake. Instead of buying everyone drinks for the rest of time, he says he's going to donate to Sam's favorite charity. I think that's fair. 

Also, things could be worse for Mr. SquareKnight, he could be this guy. 

I would rather go broke buying drinks for the world than to never watch football again.

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