Assessing the chatter in advance of Super Bowl XLVII

America is painted blue for the New England Patriots in anticipation of Sunday's AFC Championship game. (

Make sure you drop grandma off at church, clean out the garage, get the kids to nap, and whatever else you do on a Sunday, all before 3 p.m. ET. That's because it’s Championship Sunday. The matchups determine who will compete in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Feb. 3.

Based on the amount of Facebook chatter, Americans probably want to see an Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots Super Bowl this year. If, you know, the volume of chatter is any indication of what fans want.

Out of the 183,077 people talking about the NFC Championship on Facebook, 61 percent of them are talking about the Falcons and out of the 445,395 people talking about the AFC Championship, 68 percent of them are chatting about the Patriots.

If thought of as a sentiment barometer, America’s chatter matches up with our Pete Prisco’s picks, but is contradictory to what the NFL Monday QB crew predicted. The only analyst to agree with America is Steve Beuerlein.

Also 51 percent of voters our CBS Fan Poll say the Patriots and 49ers will come out victorious.

The Patriots-Ravens game is also the most anticipated matchup with 445,395 people talking about it. The conversation is lopsided with all ages, demographics and sexes talking about the Patriots. If Ray Lewis and the Ravens pull out a win it may be the ultimate upset to a nation fixated on the Patriots.

Don’t agree with America? Make your voice heard on our poll or on Twitter. Also make sure to tune into NFL Monday QB 6:30 p.m. EST on CBS Sports Network. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter @adena_andrews.

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