Atlanta brewery loses Super Bowl bet, makes 'deflating,' 'soul-crushing' Pats beer

Going into Super Bowl LI, on the heels of an Atlanta-area gas station banning the sale of Sam Adams beer, a pair of breweries decided to make a wager. If the Falcons won, Samuel Adams Brewery would have to make a “Dirty Bird” beer. If the Patriots won, Sweetwater Brewing out of Atlanta would have to make a Patriots pale ale.

It sure looked like the Dirty Bird was going to flock to shelves before the Falcons decided to cough up a 25-point lead. It was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and it netted Tom Brady his fourth Super Bowl MVP award, a record.

The guys at Sweetwater aren’t ones to welch on a bet, so they created the Patriots pale ale and gave it plenty of character.

Described as a “soul crushing pale ale,” the “Patriot SB 51 Extra Pale Ale” will “leave you feeling deflated.”

The brewery added that “no G.O.A.T. [was] harmed in the making of this beer” -- an homage to Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all time -- but added that “we gave it our best shot!”

And just for fun, the brewery threw a #rogerthat on the can for a little shot at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Brady style. 

Unfortunately, if you want one, the beers evaporated faster than Atlanta’s lead, so you’re out of luck. 

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