As a result of his heroics in Super Bowl LI -- when he dragged the Patriots out of a 25-point hole against the Falcons -- Tom Brady walked away with his fifth Super Bowl ring and his fourth Super Bowl MVP trophy. More importantly, he also had an animal named after him.

On Monday, the Atlanta zoo revealed that it lost a Super Bowl bet with Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, which means it was forced to name a baby animal after Brady. That baby animal is a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Via the zoo's Instagram:

Well ... the New England Patriots won #SuperBowlLI, so that means we lost our bet with Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village. Before the game, our two zoos decided the losing side would name one of their baby animals after the winning team's star quarterback, and figuring the losing side would be pretty bitter about it, we came to the agreement that baby animal ... would be a Madagascar hissing cockroach. So without further ado -- meet our newly named Program Animal family!

And here's a look at little Tom Brady:

According to National Geographic, the average life span of a Madagascar hissing cockroach is 2-5 years. So there's a decent chance that the remainder of Tom Brady the quarterback's NFL career will actually last longer than Tom Brady the cockroach's life.