Backstreet Boy wants Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano fired

One of the Backstreet Boys wants Greg Schiano fired. (USATSI)
One of the Backstreet Boys wants Greg Schiano fired. (USATSI)

In his brief NFL coaching career, Tampa Bay's Greg Schiano has had several lowlights. 

Just to rehash: Schiano's been accused of leaking Josh Freeman's personal medical information, a Bengals defensive end called him a joke and at a season-ticket holder meeting, Schiano referred to the pre-Schiano Bucs as the 'laughingstock of the league,' which makes no sense because if your team's 0-4, you should never use the word laughingstock. 

Speaking of laughingstocks, apparently Schiano is the laughingstock of the Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter tweeted this out on Sunday night: 

Carter is a self-proclaimed 'die-hard Buccaneers fan' and it appears he's had enough of Schiano's antics.

I'm not saying Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer should listen to a Backstreet Boy, but I am saying that when a Backstreet Boy is taking to Twitter to weigh-in on your coaching situation, maybe it's time to evaluate your coaching situation.  

If Schiano does get fired, lets hope it's before next week so he can go on this three-day Backstreet Boys cruise that runs from Oct. 25-28. 

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