Barack Obama stumps for Bears, Charles Tillman; Mitt Romney a Pats fan

Obama and Romney tackled the small issues on Monday. (US Presswire)

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama appeared on Monday Night Football's halftime show with Chris Berman to do an interview similar to the one that featured Obama and then-Republican nominee John McCain four years ago.

They were asked generic questions about America (and provided generic answers) and Obama, as a clear-blown Bears homer, was asked by Berman if his favorite team is good enough to win the Super Bowl. The President wholeheartedly believes so and cast his vote for Charles Tillman as Defensive Player of the Year right now.

"Yes they are," Obama said. "Best defense in the league right now. You saw yesterday's game. Tillman may be Defensive Player of the Year the way he's playing."

The President probably didn't do himself any favors in Texas by dissing Houston's J.J. Watt, but "Peanut" Tillman's certainly got a good case for the award at this point in time, especially coming off a game featuring four forced fumbles.

Berman checked with Romney about his own fanhood, which isn't something we've heard a lot about. Unsurprisingly, the former Governor of Massachusetts said that he's a Patriots fan and made a "joke" about taking credit for their Super Bowl victories.

"Well it is the New England Patriots," Romney said when asked about his favorite team. "I lived in Massachusetts now 40 years. And I take personal, full responsibility for their two Super Bowl wins as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series. Hey, look, as governor you get blamed for everything that goes wrong, you might as well get the credit for anything that goes right."

There will be plenty of jokes about the Patriots actually winning three Super Bowls under the current regime, but Romney didn't take office until January of 2003, after the Pats had won their first Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in February of 2002. So technically he's correct there, even if it's unclear whether or not he actually likes sports. (Not that liking sports is a perquisite for running the country.)

Unlike the Obama-McCain interviews, this pair of quick hitters didn't have any real feel of originality to them. ESPN said beforehand they'd keep things "light-hearted" and that's fine. But neither Romney nor Obama, appearing on the night before the election, offered a whole lot to work with.

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