Bart Scott says the Redskins, not the Cowboys, are NFC East's best team

It's difficult to find anyone who thinks the Dallas Cowboys aren't the premiere NFC East team -- and maybe the premiere NFL team -- right now. Dallas is 10-1 and hasn't lost since Week 1. The Cowboys are stomping people on offense.

And yet friend of the program Bart Scott, appearing on CBS Sports Network recently, said he believes the Redskins, not the Cowboys are the "best team in that division."

Bart, while doing a segment on "That Other Pregame Show"with Adam Schein, Brandon Tierney and Amy Trask, said he thinks the Redskins' balance on both sides of the ball puts them at the top.

"I think Washington -- Washington to me is the best team in that division. I know that's saying a lot, I know that's not the popular opinion right now," Scott said. "But they can run the football, they're going to get Trent Williams back. I think they're really missing [Junior] Gallette. If they would have had that one more special defensive player on that side of the ball that can kind of help Kerrigan and get some defensive pressure.

"But this team is explosive going down the field. You look at [Jamison] Crowder, you look at [DeSean] Jackson, you look at Reed, you look at that run game."

Bart isn't wrong either -- at least in that it's a not a popular opinion! And, to be perfectly honest, it's hard to find a way to agree with him. The Redskins literally just lost to the Cowboys, like three days before Scott's segment.

Dallas looks like the better team, capable of running over anyone and getting -- arguably -- MVP-caliber play from both rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. The offensive line destroys everything in its path.

The Redskins are 6-4-1 and in legitimate danger of not making the playoffs. Washington plays at Arizona and at Philadelphia and needs to come away from those games 1-1, worst case.

On the other hand, if Scott is right, the Redskins could win both, see the Cowboys stumble and suddenly find themselves capable of making a run for the division crown.

If that doesn't happen, though, it's hard to take Scott's argument on its face.

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