Chicago Bears star wideout Allen Robinson is usually preparing for the upcoming NFL season this time of year, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced him to shift his focus. Instead, Robinson is using his Within Reach Foundation to help the Greater Chicago Food Depository feed local children who are currently out of school due to the outbreak and who rely on those daily meals.

"This is a vital part of kids' lives in addition to education — being able to put food in their mouths and their families' mouths," Robinson told the Chicago Sun-Times. "We're not doing this just for notoriety. We just wanted to streamline it and bring everyone together to make an impact."

The Within Reach Foundation usually focuses on education in the Chicago area, but that has changed in recent weeks. Robinson is concerned with providing meals for children who are in need.

Robinson was hoping to raise $12,000 from donors, then personally match the amount. Instead, Bears head coach Matt Nagy matched the amount and teammate Charles Leno donated $7,200. Robinson said he will be increasing his goal soon.

This will be the seventh NFL season for Robinson and his third campaign with the Bears. Robinson was originally a second-round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars before signing a three-year, $42 million contract with Chicago in 2018.