Bears coach Mike Tice says 'Jay and I are good' after sideline silent treatment

Nothing to see here. Tice and Cutler have moved on, and they suggest we do the same. (US Presswire)

It all started with a failed third-and-1 in the second quarter of Monday night's Bears-Cowboys game. Chicago couldn't gain that yard and had to settle for a Robbie Gould field goal for a 3-0 lead. The Bears went on to win 34-18, so that one play late in the first half didn't much matter.

But at the time, offensive coordinator Mike Tice was incensed, and he wanted to talk about it with quarterback Jay Cutler once he got to the sideline. Except that Cutler wasn't interested in chitchatting (that and he was really thirsty).

During a Wednesday news conference, Tice explained the sideline awkwardness. He admitted he was "really angry" about the third-and-1 result, and he had already informed Cutler of as much before the quarterback returned to the bench.

"At a certain point," Tice said he told Cutler, according to blogger Kevin Seifert, "probably enough was enough."

There's more: "Jay and I are good," Tice continued. "I really admired his play the other night. I really admire how he's bought in. It's an emotional game. Sometimes I'm sure we all wish we could handle some things differently. Not to say that he should have handled that differently, but it's an emotional game. Jay and I are fine.

"I wish they would have got the clip at the end of the game where he smacked me on the rear end. They didn't show that one. I wish they would have shown that one. And I smacked him back."

It's a fair point, and one several commenters brought up in our last post on Cutler's "I don't hear you unless you knock" treatment of Tice. And as we mentioned, we don't have a problem with it because in the scheme of things it's not a big deal (hey, we're the lunatic who defended Cutler after the Packers game).

For his part, Cutler thought the media coverage of a non-event was a bit much, too.

“I know you guys have to sell papers,” he said Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune. “It's hard out there. But you can't blow up every headline. Things happen during football games. Just because I walk off and go get water doesn't mean much.”

It shouldn't … but it does. Which is why we suggest Cutler wear one of these on the sideline and fill it with his favorite beverage. That way he can stay hydrated and converse with his coaches. Everybody wins.

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