Bears fans line up to attempt 43-yard field goal in wake of Cody Parkey miss, fail miserably

Chicago brewery Goose Island was sick and tired of people clowning Cody Parkey for a 43-yard miss in the Bears' wild card game against the Eagles on Sunday, so it took matters into its own hands. The brewery had a challenge for people in the area to line up and kick a 43-yarder themselves. The results were about what you'd expect.

Now, before we go into mocking these people, the situations are really apples and oranges. It was snowing in Chicago on Saturday -- the day of the challenge -- and Parkey is a professional NFL kicker. With that being said, there's also the key difference that the kick that these people are attempting is very low-stakes compared to what Parkey was facing, and the kick was tipped at the line. These would-be NFL kickers didn't have a rush.

The first guy wore cleats, and the experience was ... Humbling.

Here was another solid attempt, in which there was some contact by the defense.

Then, there was the Packers fan who stepped into enemy territory -- which is actually a really gutsy move.

It seemed possible that some random soccer player could come out and bury it, but when it was all said and done, Goose Island was vindicated for hosting the challenge.

Obviously there will be those who say that this is Parkey's job, but you have to think anyone who came out Saturday will be biting their tongue. If nothing else, everyone there has video evidence that this isn't as easy as it looks.

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