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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers shared some of his thoughts with Bears fans during a touchdown celebration earlier in October, yelling, "I still own you" to the crowd at Soldier Field. A lot of people found it entertaining or funny. Chicago fans didn't.

Former Bears center Olin Kreutz really didn't find it funny. He spoke to Chicago radio station 670 The Score recently and gave his thoughts on the former MVP's comments.

Here's what Kruetz said:

"I'd like to punch him in his face. When you see that, that's your first reaction ... You have won a lot of games at Soldier Field. Just because you're right, it doesn't make you right for doing it."

Kruetz added that he had even more to say, but the language wouldn't be appropriate for radio. 

The Bears and Packers have a long standing rivalry and, with Rodgers, the Green Bay has had the upper hand. While the Bears seem to have a rotating door of quarterbacks and wins are anything but guaranteed, the Packers have seen regular season and playoff success while keeping Rodgers behind center. 

Rodgers is 21-5 against the Bears and has thrown for 6,208 yards and 57 touchdowns against Chicago. So in short... he kind of does own them.

After the game, Rodgers said he "blacked out" and saw a Chicago fan giving him the double bird, leading to his emphatic message. Kreutz was not happy with that explanation and called it a "lame excuse."

Rodgers did say he didn't regret it and the Packers had the wins to back up his statement. Green Bay did go on to win that matchup, defeating Chicago 24-14. As of right now, the Packers are in first place in the NFC North and the Bears are in third place, only above the winless Lions.