Apparently, everyone in Chicago has decided to bask in the breakup of Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn. 

After People magazine reported on Friday that the two decided to call it quits after a three-year relationship, the Chicago Tribune shot out a tweet poking fun at Rodgers by not referring to him by name in their headline. 

The Bears must’ve gotten a chuckle out of that tweet, because a few hours later, they decided to shoot out a tweet of their own. 

Of course, you can’t actually find the tweet on Twitter right now because the Bears deleted it. However, since this is the internet, where nothing ever actually gets deleted, you can see a screengrab of the tweet below. 

The Bears deleted this tweet about Aaron Rodgers Twitter

Although we can’t say for sure that the Bears are making fun of Rodgers in the tweet, it seems pretty clear that they’re making fun of Rodgers in the tweet, because why else would they have deleted it?

Now, the Bears might’ve thought their tweet was funny, but Packers’ fans definitely didn’t feel the same way. In response to Chicago’s tweet, dozens of Packers fans pointed out the fact that the Bears really have no room to make fun of Rodgers since they can’t ever beat him. 

Since he became the Packers’ starter in 2008, Rodgers has a 14-4 regular season record against the Bears. 

Packers fans also started tweeting some of the best plays that Rodgers has pulled off in his career against the Bears. 

Rodgers is also probably going to get personal revenge next season in what will likely be a 57-0 Packers win. 

As for the relationship between Munn and Rodgers, the two met in early 2014 and had been dating since May of that year. The last time they were spotted together came in February when Rodgers’ made a Valentine’s Day visit to the set of “Predator,” a movie that Munn is set to star in. 

During their roughly three years together, the couple adopted two dogs together: Frankie and Chance. If each of them is going to keep a dog, I’m guessing Olivia’s going to keep Chance