Bears reportedly hire outside consultant and John Fox's seat is getting very toasty

Coaching in the NFL is a year-to-year proposition for all but the most entrenched of head coaches. Even a well-respected coach with multiple Super Bowl appearances can be put on the hot seat with a bad season, and it appears to be happening with John Fox in Chicago.

According to a report from Ian Rapoport of, the Bears are starting to take a look at the franchise and are not afraid of making wholesale changes, including switching coaches.

Rapoport reported Sunday morning that the "team's brass has begun a full examination of the football operation from top to bottom" and have brought in "an outside consultant" in order to look at the issues Chicago is dealing with on the football front.

So, John ...

The Bears were supposed to take a step forward in Fox's second year and instead the have continued to struggle badly.

There are issues with the quarterback -- Jay Cutler is set to return but it's pretty obvious the Bears don't see him as the long-term solution, and there are rumors about he and Fox not being very friendly.

Chicago hasn't won more than eight games in the last four years since firing Lovie Smith (who, by the way, got canned after winning 10 games, which seems like millions of years ago and probably a thing Bears fans would be OK with right now).

The Bears have just one win this season and, even though they've been dealing with a ton of injuries, look like one of the worst teams in football. Remember when they lost to the Jaguars? They lost to the Jaguars.

Seeing Fox -- or anyone in charge of the football operations in Chicago -- removed would hardly be a surprise given the trajectory of this franchise that's spent the last three years owning the basement of the NFC North.

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